Death Ray Manta SE Launched ?>

Death Ray Manta SE Launched

Phew. Here we go then, Death Ray Manta SE is go and what a ride it’s been. It’s available to buy on Steam, DRM free (hah!) on and for one week only, in a Humble Bundle. (In case you’re wondering, best *for me* is, Steam in second, Humble after. Best for making your money stretch further will vary, natch) The Bundle For the first week, you can grab both the game and a snapshot of the source code…

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Death Ray Manta SE Out Now! ?>

Death Ray Manta SE Out Now!

Store | Presskit | Request Review Keys | Twitter Two sticks, one fish, some flashing lights. Death Ray Manta is, quite definitely, a videogame in the purest sense. Rejigged, rebuilt, remastered for Steam in the year of our Molyneux 2015. Death Ray Manta is a short form top down arena shooter where you blow up enemies using colourful laserbeams. You spawn in the centre of the screen, moments later the screen is filled with mines, robots, rabbits and lasers from…

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Pricing and discount policy ?>

Pricing and discount policy

As Death Ray Manta SE releases this week onto Steam I figured now is as good a time as any to detail the current plans around pricing and discounting for the game. Whilst I’m loathe to say that anything is set in stone (this is videogames and I’ve been working it long enough to know not to deal in absolutes), it’s currently as close to being set in stone as can be. Pricing and working out a bundling/discount policy is…

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Steam Page Is Live ?>

Steam Page Is Live

Huzzah! The Steam page for Death Ray Manta is now live. You can’t actually buy anything yet (because sssh, don’t tell anyone but it’s not quite finished) and we’ve still got the release date under our hats but it’s definitely, definitely happening this month. Here’s the official trailer. IF YOU LIKE IT SO MUCH PUT A FISH IN IT. To be honest, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Deadlines are like that. In the meantime, please don’t ask…

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