Monthly Archives: April 2015

This is proper kid at Christmas stuff for me. The all new spangly Death Ray Manta not only has cover art by Ste Pickford but a full soundtrack provided by Jenny And The Giants in full on synthpop-o-geddon style.

I’ve mentioned over and over again how the original Death Ray Manta was messing around with the idea of a videogame as pop single, short, to the point, full of colour and glee all in a full on eighties legwarmer style and this time round I wanted to take this as far as I could. I’m not interested in making the videogame as pop video or the videogame as mixtape or EP, that’s a thing that other indies are doing great work with. For me, it’s about capturing that brief feeling that a really, really good pop single brings.

First time round I was kinda spoiled to have both Barry Island and Gavin Harrison offer instrumental tracks for the game. I absolutely loved how both artists brought different moods to the game, the brooding eighties sci-fi/action movie-o-geddon of Gavin’s title tune and the unadulterated Fame-legwarmer-fest of the ingame music. Just wonderful, y’know?

So when asked would I be interested in a full synthpop soundtrack to accompany the game from Jenny And The Giants, well, I couldn’t say no really, could I? With each and every rough I got sent over, I found myself grinning more. It’s fantastic stuff and I’m proud and honoured to be able to write a videogame around it. Albeit an arena shooter where you’re a fish with lasers shooting things rather than some sort of dancing in a steelworks extravaganza but maybe that can be the next game?

And it’s so good and so perfect that I’m just sort of hoping that the game does it justice too. Fingers crossed, eh? And yeah, you can totally blame Keith Stuart for some of this because he’s so right there.

The soundtrack will be able to buy alongside the game with all proceeds going towards Jenny And The Giants because that’s how we roll round here.