Monthly Archives: June 2015

So,I guess first up is we’ve released another track from the soundtrack for folks to listen to. It’s called The Vacuum and it’s definitely, definitely not about hoovering the stairs, promise.

Mike, one half of the lovely pair of folks creating the soundtrack for the new Death Ray Manta has jotted some words down on how it’s being put together. You can read Mike’s words here.

I’ve heard the full thing now and man, it’s so good. I can’t wait to get it out there.

In development land, I’ve been putting a lot of focus into finding an art style that both looks like it’s definitely one of my games and runs perfectly happily on the Vita at 60FPS. This has been, well, interesting. Normally, I’m very sloppy with my effects relying on a lot of blending, excessive amounts of particles and images that scale up to fill most of the screen and well, that’s not really a viable approach for the Vita and 60 frames per second. At least, not how I normally approach it.

I’m not a natural game artist at the best of times so it’s been a lot of slow trial and error to find the right mix of visually interesting and undemanding and one that I’ll have little trouble in expanding on for the PC/bigger console versions.

Admittedly, it’d be easier if I wanted to go down a more Geometry Wars/Vector-y route (or could afford to pay someone else to do the art, natch) but I’m really trying to avoid Geometry Wars comparisons wherever possible. Whilst New-DRM *is* a twin stick shooter unlike the original instalment, it’s aiming towards a different sort of groove than Geometry Wars plays with so I’d sooner avoid most visual similarities as much as possible to make it as clear as can be that DRM is not Geometry Wars, do not play it like Geometry Wars (And I’ll admit I was concerned GW3 would cover similar bases but luckily, it’s way more its own thing so we’re cool. We Are Doomed, however, is much closer to home and probably the DRM 2 I’d write were I not writing this one instead)

Anyway, such is life that I’m fairly sure that no matter what I do I’ll get stuck with “umm Geometry Wars, guysssss” because of videogames but hey, I can try, right?

Screenshots and video in the next update, definitely. I think it looks pretty good so far, especially after months of it looking pretty gosh darn terrible but I’d like to get a few more things in there before showing new pictures off. I’m especially happy with the new look fishy chum, mind. I’ve tried a few designs for DRM himself out, from pixel to vector and more but I find myself drawn back to one in particular so I guess he’s staying.

He’s very shiny, anyway.

Oh, yeah. I finished the opening credits too. I’ll still need to change a few lines around here and there but the timing is bang on and it looks rather pretty indeed.

(No need to turn the sound up on these, I haven’t put the new tunes in yet)

So yeah, that’s where we’re up to so more soon. Oh and we have a Twitter account now. Please feel free to say hi to @videogamefuture for low volume, occasional updates on DRM’s progress. It’ll be much quieter than my usual haunt, so if you just want game stuff without the crap jokes and moaning, there you go.