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So. We’re a few short weeks away from Death Ray Manta SE dropping and I dunno, I think it’s looking pretty OK all told.

Runner 2015-08-20 23-04-17-18

Or at least, I hope it’s looking pretty OK because if it doesn’t, that sort of ruins one of my plans for what Death Ray Manta SE is. What I’d like to see come from this release is folks being able to walk away with some understanding that making something that looks nice (like this hopefully looks nice) isn’t as out of reach or as in need of a super hyper art budget or mad art skills as they’d expect. If I can do it, there’s hope for pretty much anyone because I’m a bit rubbish.

As some folks will already be aware, one of the things I’ve tried to do in the past is make sure that for every game I put out, I give something back, put something out there and Death Ray Manta SE will be no different in that regard. The existing art assets will be free for anybody to use in any project as they see fit and the same for the sound effects. There’s a bit more than that I’m hoping to be doing but we’ll see how things pan out over the course of the next few weeks and just how workable things are with ThePlanTM. Let’s just say that I’m hoping that this time round, it really is the most customisable Death Ray Manta but best laid plans etc… Fingers crossed, mind. Regardless, you’ll have to get your own music though as we don’t own any of the music that appears in the game so it’s not ours to offer up for grabs. The rest though? Fine. Enjoy yourself.

Unlike previous releases though, I’m not going to be asking to be asked if you want to sell a thing that uses any of the assets. Just go right ahead, no credit required and we’re all good. It’d be nice if you told me, mind. Just so I can see stuff in action for myself, yeah? Beyond that, if it helps, off you go.

Anyway, no firm release date yet but before the end of September is where we’re currently targeting providing nothing goes wrong. Aaand price? It’ll be very affordable, promise. Very. To me, Death Ray Manta in this incarnation is kinda an old game. Yeah, this version has been rebuilt from scratch, tweaked and got new art etc… but despite the move to twin stick, it’s still pretty much the same, good old Death Ray Manta as a game you either liked or didn’t like from the off. Just twin-stick-y now because everyone kept asking to play it as a twin stick game and here you go and all that.

Right then. Let’s sign off with some of the latest screenshots. They’re pretty close to how the final version will look at this point, there’s only one thing (I think, subs please check) left to be added and tested on the enemy front so what you’re seeing here is fairly what you’ll get.

Until the next update then.

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OK, as New DRM is taking a bit longer than I anticipated thanks to that old devil called life, next month we’re going to drop a remastered and rebuilt version of the original DRM out into the world. Obviously, because this is me, it’s going to be something a little different and hopefully folks will appreciate what I/we’re doing with it.

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