Steam Page Is Live

Huzzah! The Steam page for Death Ray Manta is now live. You can’t actually buy anything yet (because sssh, don’t tell anyone but it’s not quite finished) and we’ve still got the release date under our hats but it’s definitely, definitely happening this month.

Here’s the official trailer.


To be honest, I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore. Deadlines are like that.

In the meantime, please don’t ask us for keys yet. The game’s not finished and there’s nothing there that isn’t solely for testers at the moment. I’m not far from being able to flick the switch to letting other people have a go but right now? It’s just not done! It’s very nearly done but there’s still a few rough edges that are just not on, frankly.

One of the great things about working with Steam is that I’m able to work on this pretty much up until launch (minus a reasonable time so I don’t break the thing and have no time left to fix it) so it’s meant that I can spend a bit more time fiddling with a few things than I’d be able to elsewhere. Unfortunately, the downside of that is that things get a bit broken inbetween and obviously, I don’t want to share broken stuff. Not intentionally, anyway.

If this was going out in any sort of normal fashion then there’d be a bit more breathing room to help get the word out and all that but hey, normal is for babies. Anyway, ThePlanTM looks like it’s going full steam ahead (no pun intended) and I’m quite excited to see what happens with that, never mind finally say what ThePlanTM actually ruddy well is. I’m terrible with secrets.

We’ll update everyone on here when we’re ready for other people to take the new game for a spin though. It won’t be long now, promise.

Quick FAQ

What’s the difference between the old Death Ray Manta I found lying around and Death Ray Manta SE?

*Built from scratch to run at 60FPS
*Twin stick shooter
*All new graphics and effects
*Lots, lots, lots more particles
*Rejigged stages
*New sound effects

So, erm, plenty! I hope.

I got Death Ray Manta from Groupees or Bundle In A Box, will I get a key for Death Ray Manta SE?

Yes! Just not straight away as I’m going to be working on this right up until release. As soon as I’m done and launched, I’ll get right on chasing the right people up to sort this out.

Is this the game with the electropop tunes in then?

Sorry, nope. That’s the next one. Sorry to get your hopes up. Due to the simple fact MY FACE HURTS, that’s been pushed into 2016 so I can work on it at a reasonable pace and make sure it’s not toss. I really want it to not be toss.

Is there any chance of a (insert platform of choice) version?

Probably, yeah. Not for launch though. I’ll see what I can do, where I’m up to and all that once I’ve got this one wrapped and working as is.

In the meantime, have some lovely screenshots and a couple of recent Vines from the past few days.

Runner 2015-08-30 20-53-50-11

Runner 2015-08-30 20-53-56-12

Runner 2015-08-26 10-16-00-67

Runner 2015-08-26 10-15-46-69

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