Death Ray Manta


A game for iOS/Android by Jeff Murray and Robert Fearon, available now.

This is Death Ray Manta


Death Ray Manta is an ARENA SHOOTER for iOS and Android devices where you blow stuff up and make pretty colours in the spirit of Minter, Jarvis and Fearon. That’s an 8/10 in Edge Magazine money. 5/5 in Tap! Magazine money and a Eurogamer 8/10 too.


Death Ray Manta is an ARCADE GAME. Two sticks and a screen full of laser beams. Or one stick if you have an iCade.


Death Ray Manta is based on the acclaimed PC/Mac game of the same name. Edge Magazine [8] and co-star of the Eurogamer Expo 2012. Coming soon in new shiny pants to Playstation Vita.


Death Ray Manta does not waste your time. There is no guff, no IAP, no upgrades, just a videogame. Tap to start. Score higher. 


Death Ray Manta is a game about blowing up stuff. All the stuff.


Death Ray Manta was brought to mobile by Jeff Murray because he can.


Death Ray Manta is videogames.

Copyright Bagfull Of Wrong and Psychic Parrot Games forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.





Rob on Twitter: @retroremakes

Jeff on Twitter: @psychicparrot




Made for mobile by Jeff Murray of Psychic Parrot Games.

Game design and stuff by Rob Fearon, videogame legend.

The theme from Death Ray Manta is by Gavin Harrison.

Death Ray Manta:The Anthem is by Barry Island.