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This is what Death Ray Manta is all about

Death Ray Manta is a short form top down arena shooter where you blow up enemies using colourful laserbeams. You spawn in the centre of the screen, moments later the screen is filled with mines, robots, rabbits and lasers from beyond the stars. Collect space gems for a bonus and shoot everything else that you can in order to flash lights at yourself. Aim for your own personal high score. How far into fish space can you get?

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DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-34-26-83.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-15-12-67.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-14-32-67.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-36-42-83.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-37-36-84.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-35-54-84.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-14-50-66.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-38-38-84.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-36-50-84.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-38-04-84.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-40-30-85.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-15-48-66.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-16-04-67.png
Runner 2015-08-30 20-53-50-11.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-38-42-83.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-14-20-68.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-38-18-86.png
Runner 2015-08-26 10-16-02-67.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-35-10-84.png
DRM_Humble2 2015-09-05 22-38-16-83.png

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Featured at the Eurogamer Indie Games Arcade" - Eurogamer Expo, 2012
  • "The Rob Fearon Award for being by Rob Fearon" - Every year for many years now! W00t!

Selected Articles

  • "The light displays are something else, too: you're born, each round, in the midst of a blizzard of rainbow particles, and your foes fragment in a rich neon shower under impact, staining the 2D world with their reds, greens, purples and pinks."
    - Mysterious Reviewer Man, Edge
  • "it may look like a Geometry Wars type of experience, but DRM is a much more tightly-focused and unforgiving game. Each stage lasts seconds, buffered by a few seconds of visual transition, so there's a strange rhythm to playing it: constant bursts of intensity with pauses for breathing."
    - Rich Stanton, Eurogamer
  • "...a mainline hit of pure colour and light and energy and noise and speed and then more colour and more light and lasers, lasers everywhere. It's like opening your skull and dunking your brain in a bowl full of sugar."
    - Ruari O'Toole , RGCD
  • "Absolutely Brilliant!"
    - Rob Fearon, Future Of Videogames

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